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Clayborne’s has a very large variety of Amish made solid oak and cherry bedroom furniture available for you.  Whether you need bed frames, children’s bedroom furniture, night stands, chest of drawers, bureaus, armoires, cedar chests, jewelry boxes or quilt racks, we should have the Amish bedroom furnishings that you need.  While many of our pieces are shown in solid oak, many of them are available in solid cherry - please ask if you are interested.  Please note our website may show representative samples of each collection - if you want an item that is not shown, such as an armoire or chest of drawers for example, we probably have it.  It’s impossible to put photos of everything on here, just for the sheer time it would take, but we can send them on request if needed.  It is also possible for us to customize some of the items for you - for example, some bed frames can be ordered taller, night stands can be made higher, and there are many options of mirrors and styles you can get on the dressers - ask us - the Amish can be very creative!

Please click on small images for full-size photo with details and prices.

Click Here for Briarwood Beds!

Click Here for New Bedford Collection

Click Here for Children’s Bedroom!

Click Here for Amish Jewelry Boxes

Click Here for Amish Quilt

Click Here for Bureau Style Bedroom Set

Click Here for Sleigh Style Bedroom Set

Amish Cedar Chests, Sleigh Chests, Etc

Click Here for Heirloom Sleigh Collection

solid oak early american night stand

Early American Night Stand

solid oak early american dresser

Early American Mule Dresser

We have the entire Early American Collection, it is just not all pictured yet.

amish made solid oak curved bed frame

Solid Oak Curved Bed Frame

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