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Clayborne’s is committed to providing you with the top quality Amish made solid oak furniture that you need, at a price you can afford.  We invite you to contact us and tell us what you need - especially if you think you can’t find it anywhere, or you saw it someplace else and you couldn’t afford it.

We are using the internet to promote our physical “brick and mortar” store, located in South Carolina.  There is no order page on this website, we want to work with you personally, whether through email or phone calls, to be sure you are getting exactly what you want.  When you decide to purchase your Amish furnishings we will conduct the transaction personally with you over the phone, or you are welcome to stop in and visit our store if in the area.

Don’t assume we won’t deliver to you personally.  Because our suppliers are in Ohio, Tennessee and Pennsylvania (our suppliers are Amish farms, not stores, so you can’t go there), we have been delivering in those areas, as well as New York, New Jersey and other states - if we can schedule your delivery when we’re picking up furniture from the Amish, you make a large purchase, or there’s a group of people in your area that wish to purchase furniture from us, we may be able to deliver to you and save you a lot of money.  Otherwise we will try to find the most economical and reliable shipping service we can.

Special notice about SPAM and free E-mail providers:  As we’re sure you’re well aware, SPAM is becoming more of a problem every day.  Clayborne’s E-mail server has active filtering in place that weeds out over 200 SPAM and virus-laden messages a day out of our mailbox.  Our Webmaster reviews the messages in the spam-dumpster at least once every couple days to be sure no legitimate customer E-mails get in there by accident, but it is always possible that one may get missed.  The vast majority of E-mail that is accidentally discarded as spam comes from customers using Hotmail, Yahoo Mail,, or other free E-mail providers.  If you use one of these providers, you can bypass our SPAM filter and be assured we get your message immediately by putting the word “Customer” anywhere in the subject of your message to us.  The vast majority of the time, if your message IS accidentally discarded as spam, the webmaster will catch it and send it on to Roger and Sara.  If you have a free E-mail account and haven’t received a reply in more than 2 days, plese re-send your message with the word “Customer” in the subject.  

To send us an E-mail:   Send E-mail to Clayborne’s

You will be talking to Roger or Sara Clayborne, or sometimes Don, our webmaster, will send you a note if we are out of town doing deliveries or if he has advice that will save you time.  If you want shipping or delivery estimates, please provide your city, state and zip code, as well as the item you are interested in.  Please note that we normally spend all day Saturday and Sunday in the store and don’t usually have time to repsond to E-mail on those days, so there may be a slight delay in response.

For site-related problems or suggestions:  Send E-mail to Webmaster

You will be talking to Don.  Don is Roger’s brother-in-law. He designed this site, provides all the content, and hosts it on his own webserver - so if you have a problem with the site, he’s the guy to complain to!  (of course compliments and suggestions for improvements or new products are always appreciated!)

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You will be taken to our sign up page, which will give you more information on our mailing list and mailing procedure.

Our physical store is located at:

Barnyard Fleamarket - Building I  Booths 1 - 6
4414 Augusta Road  (USH 1 Exit off I-20)
Lexington, SC  29073
803-356-7100 (please leave a message)
The store is open on Saturdays and Sundays.  We do our deliveries and pick up products during the week.  We check our messages daily.

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