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Like any good company that takes pride in giving their customers excellent products, service and a great price, Clayborne’s occasionally receives E-mail from customers that are excited and very happy with their Amish furniture purchases, which, of course, is how we like things to be.  Rather than go through the hassle of contacting those customers for permission to reprint their E-mails, cut and paste them, etc (which can tend to look staged), we decided to let you make your own comments, and give you the opportunity to see what other satisfied customers had to say.  The only involvement we will have in the process is to “approve” the posts before they show up on the site, allowing us to weed out the spam-bots that fill out these kinds or forms, and the occasional prankster who fills out these kind of things for fun.  All comments should be family friendly, as our site complies with the rules of several organizations to protect children on the internet - profanity, and other hurtful comments against anyone or anything will not be tolerated.

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