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We have Amish made solid oak quilt racks in a wide variety of sizes and styles. We have several types of quilt racks that stand on the floor, and a number of them designed to be wall mounted. For the wall-mounted quilt racks you will need to let us know the length you need when you ask for a price. This is just a sample. The Amish make many varieties of quilt racks - if you have seen something you like somewhere else, ask us about it - we can probably get it for you. All of them can be finished as you wish, or left unfinished so you can do it yourself.

Due to current backlogs, the Amish are focusing on larger items such as bedroom, dining room and similar items. We will remove this notice when quilt racks are again available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please click on small images for full-size photo with details and prices.

Amish wall hanging quilt rack for multiple quilts

Wall Hanging Quilt Rack

Front view of Amish triple quilt rack
clayborne amish furniture quilt rack oak hardwood

Solid Oak Heavy Duty Quilt Rack

solid oak wall hanging quilt rack

Wall Hanging Quilt Rack

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