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Customer requests for Amish made sleigh style bedroom furniture have been getting more frequent every day, so it is time to unveil our collection of sleigh style furnishings, handcrafted of solid hardwood by the Amish, and designed to last a lifetime and then some.  Of course you probably know by now that Clayborne’s doesn’t do anything half way, so you won’t be surprised to find out that in addition to our top quality line of sleigh style beds, nightstands, dressers, lingerie cabinets and other chests, we are also rolling out the whole series of sleigh-style hardwood bookshelves, storage benches and seats, and entertainment centers!  Best of all, they are available in both oak and cherry!  You’ll have the opportunity to do most of your home in sleigh style furniture if you like.  So let’s cut to the chase...  Here are the Amish made sleigh style bedroom items for your review:

Please click on small images for full-size photo with details and prices.

Sleigh style nightstand with doors - by the Amish Amish made, sleigh style lingerie chest 3 drawer sleigh style nightstand by the Amish Chest on chest in the Amish sleigh style bedroom
Amish sleigh style raised panel bed

Raised Panel Sleigh Bed

Sleigh Nightstand w/ Doors

Sleigh Lingerie Chest

Three Drawer Night Stand

8 Drawer
Chest on Chest

Sleigh style 75" dresser

Sleigh Style 75” Dresser

Amish sleigh 53" dresser

Sleigh Style 53” Dresser

Sleigh bedroom furniture - 65" dresser by the Amish

Sleigh Style 65” Dresser

Amish sleigh style bedroom, 41" dresser

Sleigh Style 41” Dresser

Sleigh chest of drawers, shown in solid oak

Sleigh Chest of Drawers

Amish crafted sleigh style armoire Rail mirror option, shown in solid cherry Center mirror option, shown in solid cherry
Tri-view mirror option, shown in solid oak

Sleigh Armoire

Rail Mirror

Sleigh Style
 Tri-View Mirror

Center Mirror

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Amish made sleigh entertainment center

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