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Purchasing furniture over the internet can be one of those experiences where you are just not comfortable because you can’t touch or feel what you are buying before you get it, and it’s not like buying a TV where you can see one just about anywhere and just shop online for the best price.  Clayborne’s tries to make your shopping experience as comfortable as possible by providing photos of exact pieces of Amish furniture in our inventory whenever possible, or the best current manufacturer photos we can obtain otherwise, giving you as much information as possible about each piece, and eliminating “click and buy” - we will actually speak with you on the phone to take your order so we can be sure you know what you are getting, keep your credit card info secure by not transmitting it across the internet, and answer any questions or discomforts you may have before you buy.  The following customers have decided to provide their comments on their purchasing experiences and their satisfaction with the products they bought, so that you may feel more comfortable in making your own decisions.  There is no financial incentive for making these comments - they are strictly voluntary, and you are welcome to make comments of your own if you are as excited about your purchase as they are.

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Susan Shreck
12/03/2007 03:12:25 pm

Great furniture!!!!!