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Solid Oak Toddler Chair

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The Amish have made this solid oak toddler chair especially for that stage in your child’s life when they are between needing a high chair and fitting into a regular adult chair.  Your child can feel special because they have their own special chair to sit in, that lifts them up to the adult height at the table without needing to use a booster seat, and they are also safer - no chance for the booster seat to slide off the chair while the child squirms around.  We have all seen children that don’t like to sit still at the table, or have even been known to stand up in a booster seat.  Our toddler chair won’t stop the cild from squirming or standing up, but there is definitely less of a chance of them being hurt than when in a booster seat or sitting on a stack of books!  Our Amish made toddler chair is sturdily built out of solid oak, and features arms to help the child stay in the seat, and a footrest so they can rest their feet.  This one is shown with an attractive sheaf back design.  There are other back designs available - ask for details, or have a look at the back of our flip-top high chair.

Amish made solid oak toddler chair with sheaf back design

As shown, 36” seat height:  $120.00

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