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Amish made solid oak kitchen and dining room chairs are not new to Clayborne’s, but we are introducing a whole new group of Amish made chair products to our web site!  Instead of focussing one one manufacturer as we had in the past, we are now offering the best selections from a wider range of suppliers.  These chairs have all been available for quite some time, but the webmaster is taking the blame for not getting the pictures up sooner.

You will find all of these chairs to be of excellent quality (or we wouldn’t be selling them), and you will be pleased to note that unlike the previous single line of kitchen and dining room chairs that we had online, the vast majority of these are also available in solid cherry, and give you the option of having either plain or turned legs.  Some of the chairs are also available in solid maple, hickory and walnut.  Many of the chair tops that you see here can also be used as the basis for desk chairs, swivel counter stools, and some of them can even be made into rocking chairs!  We’re sure you will enjoy looking through the new line.  Please bear with us as the webmaster scans or photographs all of the chairs so we can get them onto the web site.

Solid Oak Amish Made Bow Back Chairs

Solid Oak Amish Made Shaker Style Chairs

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