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The following is some helpful information to help Customers have a great experience while sending E-mail to us at Clayborne’s Amish Furniture. We have had a few customers that have had problems and are hoping this information will help minimize any issues.

Clayborne’s prefers to speak to you personally to make sure that you are ordering what you want, answer any questions, work out shipping details or address any other concerns you might have. For that reason we don’t have a shopping cart or a click to buy system - top quality Amish Furniture should not be something you buy just by clicking on a picture. PLEASE do not ever include your credit card number in an E-mail. Doing so is like putting it on a post card and sending it through the US mail. We will call you or you can call us to finalize your purchase. If you are sending a message to confirm a purchase you can use the last 4 digits - we should already have the rest.

Clayborne’s Amish Furniture is a family owned and run business, and because the majority of our sales over the past few years have been over the web we have moved the business operations to our home office in Lugoff, and we no longer have a physical store. Please note that there may still be some remaining inventory stored, so if you’re looking for a specific item feel free to ask if we happen to have one in storage.  If the size or color works for you that may speed up your order considerably and you might save a few bucks in the process. We try to respond to E-mail and Facebook messages as soon as possible, but if Roger is on the road doing deliveries or picking up items or taking them to the stain shop it might not be right away - usually one of the boys is also able to address your needs and interface with him on the road. If you are having something custom made for you and we don’t have a cost readily available, Roger will need to discuss it with the Amish builders, and he may not always get a response until the following week - the Amish don’t use the same modern communication technologies as the rest of us so it can take a bit sometimes.

After sending us an E-mail, if you feel it has been an unusually long time and you haven’t received a response, please call Roger’s cell at 803-261-9366.  Keep in mind we are on Eastern time and are usually in bed by 10PM. Please also be sure to check your Spam and Junk folders for our reply, and if you find it in there be sure to mark it as Not Junk/Not Spam so that you get our messages more timely in the future.  We have significantly upgraded our Spam filter technology and it is fairly unlikely that we will miss your message because of our spam filters anymore!

Thank you for shopping at Clayborne’s Amish Furniture!
We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers.

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