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Clayborne’s is excited to introduce our completely revised collection of Amish made single pedestal tables, double pedestal tables, and traditional leg tables, as well as matching benches, hutches, buffet cabinets and sideboard cabinets for some of them - all of it made by the Amish craftsmen in solid oak by default. For every item we have included a base (or standard) configuration, and a base price for that configuration, but almost everything is fully customizable by you, the customer, so you can make most things bigger or smaller, change what tops are on tables, change what edges are on things, change what feet are on some of the pedestal tables, change what solid hardwood they are made of, and even if you want one of many “distressed” finishes on your table top, so we also whipped up a handy set of reference guides to all those features so you can make easy decisions - most of them come up in pop-up windows so you can look at the item and the options at the same time without having to bounce back and forth so be sure to allow pop-up windows for Clayborne’s - plus there are applicable reference links included with each item!  We have divided the items into groups like we use in the rest of the site for convenience, so just click on the group or reference guide you want to see to get started.

Amish Made Single Pedestal Tables

Amish Made Double Pedestal Tables

Amish Made Matching Benches

Amish Made Matching Hutches, Buffets and Sideboards

Amish Traditional Leg Tables

Amish Made Tabletops and Finishes Reference Guide

Amish Made Table Edges Reference Guide

Amish Made Pedestal Feet Reference Guide

Amish Table Skirting Reference Guide

Hardwood Species Reference Guide

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