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Brentwood Commode Table

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Why do they call it a commode?  You’ll have to ask Roger about that one.  I just photographed it and that’s what they were calling it...  Maybe because it has plenty of space to store all your crap inside...  Oh wait... this is a family site...  maybe I better not say that.  Anyway, to get to the point, here we have a beautiful solid oak table, that would make an excellent end table - unless you are cramped for space - then you might want to look at the “official” end table.  It has the same soft rounded top and simple lines as the rest of the Brentwood set, and it features one working drawer on top, and the bottom looks like 2 more drawers, but if you look closely you will see they are actually a hinged door that conceals a large, open storage space below.  This one is pictured in a very attractive cherry finish, but it is made of solid oak.

brentwood solid oak amish commode table

Click here to see how it looks when open


Measures:  20"w x 26"d x 22"h

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