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To round out the Amish Old World Bedroom Collection from Clayborne’s Amish Furniture we have the Old World Arch mirror that matches the dressers in the collection. Generally the mirror would be matched with the Old World 7-Drawer Dresser, but we could see some people still wanting a mirror above the Old World 9-Drawer Dresser as well, but we would suggest the shorter one for that purpose. The mirror is wider than the Chest of Drawers and that is also standing height, so it’s not likely a good fit, but the customers can set up their bedrooms any way they like!

Amish Old World Bedroom Arch Mirror

Base Price:  #431 = $355    #433 = $395

  * #431 Old World Arch Mirror 45” wide x 34” tall, Amish crafted of solid oak
  * #433 Old World Arch Mirror 45” wide x 44” tall, Amish crafted of solid oak
  * Flat mirror surface is standard
  * Back is hardwood veneer of same wood as mirror frame
  * Your choice of available stain colors and finishes.

Customizations (may change cost or delivery time):
  * Arch Mirror is available unfinished
  * Optional beveled glass is available for the mirror
  * Change
wood to Brown Maple (some think looks better than cherry)
  * Change wood to Cherry, Quarter-Sawn Oak, Hickory or Hard Maple

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