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The attractive Amish made Glen Canyon Nightstand is a beautiful part of the unique Amish Glen Canyon Bedroom collection, which only comes in rough sawn rustic brown maple hardwood, and shown here in a Barn Floor finish in an unmixed LO stain, intended to mimic an old barn with a wooden floor, where you will note the floor color varies depending on how much wear or texture is in any given area. There are 12 different color and texture combinations, which you can find listed at the bottom of the page where all the pieces are. Due to the unique process and grain of the wood, you will find no two Glen Canyon pieces will look alike!

Glen Canyon-Nightstand-Barn Floor Brown Maple-Unmixed LO-med

Base Price:  $515

  * #GC-NS3D 3-Drawer Glen Canyon Nightstand, Amish crafted of rough sawn brown maple
  * Measures 24” wide x 30” high 18.5” deep
  * Back and drawer bottoms are hardwood veneer of same wood as nightstand
  * Your choice of available stain colors and finishes (see bottom of items page)

Customizations (may change cost or delivery time):
  * Nightstand is available unfinished
  * Nightstand may have a shorter delivery time

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