Why Buy Solid Hardwood Amish Made Furniture?

All of our Amish made furniture is constructed of solid wood taken from high quality North American Hardwood Trees - we do not sell any cheap pressed-wood furniture. The manufacturing and finishing of this Amish furniture is designed to bring out the natural character and beauty of the wood. Solid hardwood furniture can offer you pleasure as well as utility through your entire lifetime and beyond, and the enduring design and quality of the construction will allow it to hold its value decade after decade. Hardwood furniture is not something that is synthesized by man, it is totally natural, and its “beauty” is not only skin deep. Just as every tree will be different in nature, so will each piece of hardwood furniture - every piece is unique! Another advantage to solid hardwood is that because it is a natural fiber, it is naturally resistant to damage from marring and scratching. Should damage occur, it can easily be repaired, as the product is solid wood throughout.

One thing you must note about hardwood furniture is that because it is a natural fiber, and even though it has a good quality finish, it can be affected by exposure to direct sunlight (out in the hot sun) and can be affected by extremes of humidity. Even expertly finished wood can swell if it is kept in a very damp location, and it can open up or crack if it is in an extremely dry location. Protecting your Amish furniture by avoiding these conditions will give you years of value and service, and the warmth and beauty of it can be enjoyed for generations. Clayborne’s recommends Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean your treasured heirloom furnishings.

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