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Whiskey is distilled and then stored in special barrels to be aged to perfection.  After the whiskey is aged and the barrels are emptied, what happens to those barrels?  Well the Amish furniture builders buy them from Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and turn them into these unique furniture items!  Nothing goes to waste either - they start with the whiskey barrel for the base, and then add a nice rustic sawn oak or hickory table top to that.  One nice feature is that the center of the table is cut out and there is a tempered glass inlay there that (by default) allows you to see the top of the barrel, but they have some other options like lazy susans and the like that can go in there as well.  In the example photo of the cutout (sorry for the reflections) please note the color you see around the edges of the barrel is the color of the floor beneath it, and in your home it would be whatever you have under the table.  Note that some of the tables have a metal footrest around the bottom if desired.  Then look how cool the matching chairs are!  They take the actual barrels and cut them up to make the chairs, which is definitely something unique - perfect for an area or a cabin or something where you are going for that strong, rustic look!  Many customization options for these items can be done - be sure to ask Roger if you have something creative in mind you would like to do.  The Amish whiskey barrel items are very popular!

Amish hickory whiskey barrel table set with chairs jack daniels

56” Hickory Rustic Barrel Table Set

Amish sawn white oak whiskey barrel table set jack daniels

48” Sawn White Oak Rustic Barrel Table Set

Amish burned hickory whiskey barrel bar table set with chairs jack daniels

Burned Hickory Bar Table Set

Amish double jack daniels whiskey barrel table hickory or oak

Double Barrel Table

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