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Unique 3 in 1 chair

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You must look closely At this unique solid oak 3 in 1 chair.  An innovative piece of furniture with at least 3 distinct uses.

As you first look at it, it is a very well built high chair, but flip it on its back, and it becomes a child’s rocking horse (you can see the head and handles at the bottom).  Flip it on its front and it becomes a child’s study desk.  You can just see the seat for the rocking horse thru the hole on the left side.  This becomes the seat for the desk when flipped the other way - you can see the desktop in the back near the floor.  What a cool idea!  Like all of Clayborne’s other fine Amish oak furniture, this chair is very sturdily build, and made entirely of hardwood except for the safety strap.  It will easily last well into your child’s elementary school years.

soild oak 3 in 1 chair made by the amish features high chair, study desk and rocking horse

Available only in oak

As shown:    $175.00

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